About Me

Hello!!! I’m so happy you’re here. Welcome to one of my little corners of the internet.

I’m a mama to 8 kiddos and I have loved photographing them throughout their lives. One thing that I regret though, is not having photos from their births. Sure, I have a few cell phone snaps from after. Nothing from during the birth, nothing that captures all the little moments that I know *must* have happened (because I’ve seen them in others’ births). I don’t have those. And it’s huge on my heart to give those moments to other mamas.

Birth is… Huge… It’s one of the biggest, life defining moments of a mama’s life. I know when I look back on the births of my own children, the memories are kind of fuzzy. When I look back on the births I have photographed, the memories are also kind of fuzzy, BUT, I also have the photos, and when I look back on them, the memory starts to get a little sharper. I see those details, I see the mom’s hand gripping her partner’s hand and I remember with clarity the emotion that was felt in that moment. And I want to give those memories to you!

My journey in photography has been a long one. I started over 20 years ago with a little point and shoot film camera. Moving on to an old manual film SLR camera. For a number of years I would pick up the camera off and on, photographing the kids birthdays, and apple picking, beach trips or the “big” events.

Over time I really worked on my technical skills and took a number of classes and certifications with various photography groups.

My work has been published in several online magazines. I’ve had a few galleries displayed at local libraries.


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